Procedure questions

Select the programs that we offer on our websites, or through brochures that we mail to our clients on our mailing list. You can make a reservation online and deposit Rs.10,000/- per person.
You receive a confirmation; a visa application and an invoice of your remaining balance after you make a reservation.
You will have to fill out the visa application and provide the documents. Then you mail us will all the documents so that we can process your visa. You will also have to review your confirmation so as to make sure that your reservation is exact. If any alterations are required then you have to make it at that time, as later at a certain period of time changes in reservation will not be allowed.
We will start processing your visa, while confirming your land package and flight itinerary. Once the procedure gets over you will receive a package with your day-to-day itinerary, passport & visa, airline tickets and finalized invoice, confirmation and your identification card and laminated luggage tags to place on your luggage.
You will receive your documents before 2 to 3 weeks of traveling date.
You have to review all the documents and confirmations to make sure that there are no mistakes in the arrangements. If there are mistakes in your reservation, you can contact us to make the corrections.
You should start preparing for your travel and make sure that you are 3-4 hours early at the airport on the day of your flight.
We will recognize you on the basis of your ID card. And the luggage tags are also important because then your luggage can be identified throughout the trip.
The representative will meet you after the customs process. You will not be served during the customs process, but will be served soon after you receive your luggage and exit the customs area. Our representative will keep in touch with you and accordingly inform you of your next destination and provide help.

Visa questions

No, you have to have a land package to get your visa.

Hajj ritual questions

You will stay for three nights in Mina and one day in Arafat. The nights to be spent in Makkah and Medina depend upon the program, or the package you take. Refer your final itinerary for more details.
Ihram can be worn before entering the Makkah
10th of Dul-Hajj in Mina.

Luggage & passport questions

The Saudi Government will have your passport. Your passport will be collected from the airport and will be returned at the time of departure in the Airport.
Your passports will be safe in possession with the Saudi Government.
One luggage weighing approximately 30 KG and a hand bag can be carried.
Yes, only if your child is two years or older.

Hotel questions

The transportation will be provided by Muthawiff as per our agreement with them.
4 to 6 people depending upon the package.
4 to 6 people depending upon the package.
Both North Indian and South Indian foods are served for passengers.
Charges for kids (above 2 years) are applicable for the same.
The package includes all the hotel expenses.

Vaccination questions

If your child is 10 years or younger she/he does not require the vaccine.
The vaccine is valid for 2 years.
Any Meningitis vaccine is valid

Package & payment questions

No there are no hidden fees in the packages except for the Sacrifice and Badar Ziyara.
No the domestic flight is not included in the package, but you can place a request for it.
Packages vary according to the program.
90 days before the traveling date.
Rs.10000/-advance for reservation and remaining depends on the package.
Cancellation must be in writing. Cancellation can be made before 90 days. If the cancellation is made after visa processing, tickets will be refunded after cancellation.
The difference between each program is the type of hotels you stay in and the amount of days.
TInstructions will be given to you by our Customer Care Executives time to time.

General Hajj questions

8 DUL - HAJJ 08 TO DUL - HAJJ-13
If Arafat is on a Friday, then many describe it as Haj Akbar (Big Haj). There is no big or small Hajj. There is only one Hajj. Every year is Hajj Akbar. The 10th day of Dhul Hijja is described in The Qur'an as Yaum-ul-Hajjil-Akbar.
There is no such requirement. You can enter from any of the five gates.
No. Try to give up this habit for the good of your health and the well-being of your family. Many chain smokers have returned from the Hajj as non-smokers for good. Alhamdulillah.
It is acceptable if the stone falls into the circle without hitting the target.
Performing the Hajj ONCE is obligatory for Muslims who are financially and physically able to do so. There is no rule prohibiting anyone from performing the Hajj more than once.
Yes. A husband is strongly advised not to object as his wife is seeking permission to perform a duty commanded by The Almighty. Obedience to the command of The Almighty supersedes everything else, including a husband's objection.
Full board accommodation is provided in the tent by Muthawiff. Muhalim conducts the group prayers and guidance. Tea and lunch is offered in the tent.
You require prior bookings for the same. You can contact our customer care for more details
Yes, we have several ethnic groups.
Yes, they can join you as long as they get their visa from their own country.
Yes, insurance will be provided by our company through our association under the cooperative group insurance plan.
There are changes every year according to Market value. (Approximately SAR.450 /-)
SAR.30/-per head. Group of 50 people have to arrange for a bus.
A woman can perform Hajj without a Mahram till the age of forty and above.
No, but some elaboration can be allowed, you can check with the customer care for more details.
Transport will be through air and road.
Transport will be through air and road.
Yes, the service can be availed on prior request with airline charges.
Yes, please refer to the guidelines of Hajj for more details. You can also contact concerned Religious Scholar for the same.
There is individual assistance available on special request.
We provide medical assistance through Indian Medical Mission.
Money will be required for sacrifice and purchasing, but keep sufficient amount for yourself.
You can exchange traveler’s cheque or cash at the designated bank. If you are carrying cheque, ensure that you are carrying the receipt along. However it is advisable to carry cash. Check useful links for more details.
Lockers are available in hotels, which are free of cost.
A Tawaf will not be allowed as it is inside the mosque.
Yes, our Muhalims will accompany you to all the places and there are guidance classes available throughout the Hajj.
Normal clothing but carry sweaters for winter season
There is no text specifying that -- except to say that she may not shave her hair. Most of the scholars agree that all she needs to cut is a little bit (about a half inch) from the end of her hair.
It is not required to visit Medina before or after the completion of your Hajj rites. However, if you have the resources and time, visit Medina. It occupies an important place in Islamic history. Most Hajj travel packages include a visit to Medina. There are lots of historical sites in Medina that are worth visiting. These visits are not part of the Hajj rite.

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