Hajj Packages

We welcome you and wish you a very happy journey to the two Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia. We offer the following Hajj packages:

Economy package:

(Dul-Hajj 05-Muhram 9)

4-6 people share a room

Cost: 3,50,000 INR

Standard package:

(Dhulquad 01 - Dhulquad 25) - Azka Al Safa at Makkah

(Dhulquad 25 - Dhul Hajj 08) - Manazil Haram

(Dhul Hajj 08 - Dhul Hajj 20) - Khatabhi at Zahir

2-5 people share a room

Cost: 3,48,000 INR

Deluxe package:

(Dul Qada 05- Dul-Hajj16)

4 people share a room

Cost: 4,10,000 INR

Super deluxe package:

Dec 11- Dec 24

4 people share a room

Cost: 4,50,000 INR

All our packages include the following:

  • Economy class Return ticket
  • Hajj visas, Muthawiff draft and pre-departure Hajj seminars
  • Break fast, Lunch, Dinner available. Tea and coffee available in 24 hrs
  • Insurance charges covering accident and death
  • Full board Tent accommodations in Mina and Arafa.
  • Comfortable accommodation at Mecca, serviced apartments in Medina and Azeeziah (Depending package category).
  • Special ID cards for Hajjis for use in Mecca & Medina
  • Special ID labels for baggage so as not to be misplaced easily
  • Transportation in A/C buses–Jeddah Airport -Makkah-Madina-Azeeziya-Mina-Arafa-Musthalifa-Mina-Azeeziya-Jeddah Airport.
  • ZIYARTATH to all major places.
  • Complimentary bags and travel kit
  • 10 liters ZAM-ZAM
  • Limited baggage allowed during the travel according to Airlines rule

Packages do not include:

  • Ihram or any other costume for Hajj
  • Qurbany (Sacrifice).
  • Any other transportation other than above sectors

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